• Letter to SANDAG Chairman & Board

    May 16, 2019
    Honorable Steve Vaus
    San Diego Association of Governments Board of Directors
    401 B Street., Suite 800
    San Diego, CA  92101
    Dear Chairman Vaus & SANDAG Board of Directors,
    The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors would like to express their opposition to any modification to the 2004 TransNet Extension Ordinance, including the shifting or removal of funding from highway projects.  These modifications will negatively impact the residents & businesses of Lakeside and endangers our lives during natural disasters.
    The reallocation of TransNet funding will affect Hwy 67.  Lack of improvements to this main thoroughfare will endanger lives and increase the cost of goods & services being transported along the 67 highway.  During the wildfires in our community, gridlock inhibited residents from escaping safely & quickly, resulting in loss of life.   
    We encourage SANDAG to rethink their strategy and look into alternate ways to reduce commuter traffic.  We would like to see SANDAG work with the local Chambers and Economic Development Councils to influence economic growth in our communities, creating opportunities for the development of businesses in areas where the work force lives.  Growth centered around redevelopment of existing employment centers would reduce commuter traffic.  Currently a large number of our residents must commute to work outside of Lakeside.  If SANDAG would seek solutions to encourage growth in employment areas, such as Lakeside, this would result in creating more jobs in our area and would not only reduce the amount of traffic during rush hour but would also increase the quality of life for our residents.  This plan is much more time & cost effective than building high-speed trains, bike lanes & the trolley for the next 20 years.
    Lakeside’s economic center consists of construction, industrial, agriculture and trucking industries.  For their continued success we must have roads that allow them to move their goods and services in a timely & efficient manner.  Delivery vehicles stuck in traffic create a greater carbon imprint.  Current California Air Board regulations are already stringent and challenges our businesses ability to make a profit, adding further burden of unimproved freeways will hinder economic prosperity.  Goods and service CANNOT be transported through pedestrian trains, trolleys or bike lanes.  Most of the goods and services SANDAG needs for projects, comes from East County. 
    In November 2004, voters approved Proposition A, a 40-year extension of a half cent transportation sales tax.  Voters were promised these funds would alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety through specified highway projects.  Currently there are 14 unfunded highway projects that your constituents were promised.  Unfulfilled promises will guarantee voters will not support any future bond measures.
    SANDAG board’s responsibility is to ALL of San Diego County, not just along the Interstate 5 corridor.  We urge you to look for solutions that create stable economic impacts & growth, strategies that fulfill promises made and meets the needs of all San Diego County residents. 
    The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce values the challenge you have been tasked with and would love the opportunity to work with you on this issue. 
    Kathy Kassel
    Cc:  Hasan Ikhrata, Executive Director

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