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  • Do you love Lakeside? We do!

    There's just so much to appreciate about our historic and unique community.
    It could be Lindo Lake and all of the wildlife it attracts...or the hikes and trails woven around our foothills and throughout the valley...or it could be our history and heritage including our nationally recognized Indian Cultural Center and Museum; the bustling Barona Resort and Casino....or our quaint Maine Avenue and other business centers around town. It could even be because we have been able to blend our agricultural and farming roots, love for horses and life on the range, alongside the busy 67 corridor as it develops into a thriving hub for the aggregate and construction industries.
    Regardless of why people love Lakeside, we're glad that they do and we'll do our best to keep it that way for years to come.

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    Thank you Sunshine Therapeutic Riding Center for loving Lakeside too.











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  • We Love TNT Locksmith
  • We can't help but admire the extra effort that Ryan goes to for his customers at TNT Locksmith. This video helps demonstrate his concern for their safety and welfare. Thanks Ryan for being a member of our Chamber and showing us what super customer service is.