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  • Leadership East Region Program

    Investigating Core Leadership Competencies for a Dynamic Community

    The mission of the Leadership East Region Program is to utilize the unique perspective, experience and talent of its participants to identify, mentor and prepare the East County leaders of tomorrow with these goals:

    1. Identify and motivate current and emerging leaders committed to the betterment of East County.
    2. Acquaint participants with East County’s assets, needs and challenges.
    3. Provide a forum to promote, provoke, discuss, and resolve challenges with experienced community leaders.
    4. Encourage and promote active community involvement, whether it be strong business leaders, through public service, non-profit organizations, or volunteerism – persons who make a difference in the community.
    5. Increase personal awareness and confidence.

    The 30th Year of the Leadership East Region Program will start in September 2021.  The Tuition Fees are $650 for the 2021 Program Year!



    • An intensive and in-depth introduction to East County’s communities and their role within the larger region.
    • Behind-the-scenes opportunities to meet with and learn from exceptional leaders in the
    • community.
    • Occasions to expand your network.
    • Making a difference in our community. You will team-up with one of the chamber’s businesses and/or community partners and support them in solving a previously unsolvable problem.

    Participants are individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills, involvement, and knowledge of the community. You should be willing to contribute your individual talents to the betterment of the East County community and make a thorough commitment to the philosophy of the program.

    • Program begins in September 12, 2021.
    • Meets once a month – Every Second Thursday
    • One day a month: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
    • Monthly attendance required
    • Graduation/Commencement in June 2022

    Be a Member of The Best Class!

    2021 – 2022 Program Schedule:

    September – Orientation / Leadership Component 1: Personal Effectiveness

    October – Economy / Leadership Component 2: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    November – Government & Safety / Leadership Component 3: Values-based Leadership

    December – Education / Leadership Component 4: The Importance of Self-care

    January – Human Services / Leadership Component 5: Empowering Others

    February – Project Launch: Future Vision Projects / Leadership Component 6: Innovation

    March – Justice / Leadership Component 7: Perspective-Taking and Mediation

    April – Health / Leadership Component 8: Collaborative Leadership

    May – Environment & Infrastructure / Leadership Component 9: Exceptional Leaders

    June – Community Building / Leadership Component 10: Exceptional Leaders

    July – Graduation / Commencement

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