Lakeside,  Let's Give 'em the Business!!

    There is something special about walking into a local business and being greeted by name. And don't we all love it when a shop owner asks about our well-being and then continues to show the concern and attention as they do, treating us so specially as loyal customers. It is easy to appreciate and support businesses like these that are owned by our friends and neighbors.

    Lakeside business owners understand these customer skills and work hard to develop relationships with us, their valuable customers. They also extend this same care to their neighboring businesses and understand that, like them, these businesses are all investing their resources into and supporting our community. All of their efforts and actions; all of these nurtured relationships, are what will make Lakeside vibrant, strong and unique.

    Join us as we work together to shop and promote our local businesses who are our friends and neighbors. They need us and more importantly, we need them. Please browse our Member Directory and say thanks for all that these businesses do for our Community. Show your support; tell others about them - it's the first step we can all take to help our Community thrive.

    C'mon Lakeside, Let's Give 'em the Business!





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