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How often have we been asked “where is Lakeside?”, or told “Lakeside, isn’t everyone a redneck, or a cowboy?”  But the truth of the matter is San Diego was built by Lakesiders.  We are a community whose sweat, muscles, equipment and resources have provided San Diego & our County the materials & manpower to become one of the best communities in Southern California.

Lakeside is a community of doers, not willing to sit back and wait for someone else to do it, not one to ask for help or a handout, but always willing to roll up their sleeves and help their neighbor without being asked.  We are a community that pulls together in the face of disaster, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Lakeside’s business community is filled with truckers, construction contractors, heavy equipment operators, material plants, masons, agriculture, dairies, egg ranches, teachers, restaurants, rock & block stores, mom & pop shops, doctors, equestrians, grocers, historians, tax preparers, office workers, volunteers, rodeo associations, veterinarians, beauticians, conservationist, first responders, tribal members, tree trimmers, store owners, realtors and so many more that I am sure I’ve missed a few.  But you can’t miss the fact that Lakeside is a community of commerce, all working hard to be successful, to make a difference, and make a living.  We are the epitome of what makes America America.

We here at the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce embrace the fact that America was built by the ingenuity of the individual worker.  We strive to support the wide variety of entrepreneurs we have in our community, encouraging individuals to come together to work as a team for the betterment of our fine community.

Though the belief of treading lightly on this earth is a good rule to follow, let us not forget that the house you are standing in, was most likely built by someone from Lakeside, that cement slab that supports your building, most likely came from Lakeside or was trucked over by a Lakesider.  The street you drive down, quite possibly was created with equipment &/or by equipment operators who….probably came from Lakeside.  We may not have the big box stores, or a big fancy mall, but do not be fooled, there is a lot of commerce happening in Lakeside.

There may be some horsing around in Lakeside, but you can be assured, there is still a lot of sweat, muscles, equipment, resources and most importantly people who are taking care of business.

Because after all Lakeside is a community of DO-er’s.


Kathy Kassel
Executive Director
Lakeside Chamber of Commerce

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