Lakeside is an unincorporated community nestled in the foothills of the County of San Diego.

Moving to Lakeside: Welcome to Lakeside!

Lakeside is a great place to lay down roots and raise your family. People move here to experience small town living. After moving to Lakeside most people don’t ever leave. Being a resident of Lakeside is like being a part of a large family.

Lakeside has one of the top school districts thanks to the Spanish and Mandarin language immersion program that was implemented in 2006. The local high school, El Capitan has one of the only agriculture programs in the county Parents are moving to Lakeside to ensure their children get a top notch education.

You know you are in Lakeside when you occasionally have to stop your car to allow horses or geese to cross the road!

Come and see what country living is all about!

Quality of Life in Lakeside

Lakeside has something for everyone… We have beautiful Lindo Park and Lindo Lake in the heart of Lakeside that provides fishing, picnicking, bird watching and plenty of recreation for all There is plenty of hiking, rock climbing and equestrian trails in Lakeside. On an occasional windy day you can look east and find hang gliders.

We have 4 lakes, El Capitan Lake where you can fish, boat and jet ski, Lake Jennings has camping and fishing and San Vicente Reservoir will be open for boating and fishing in 2015-2017

For you golfers we have 2- 18 hole golf courses, one is championship level.

Lakeside has 15+ churches with a strong spiritual base.

Our public library system that has earned an award as being one of the top ten library systems in the nation! Our community center offers many classes and workshops for youth, adults and seniors, as well as a senior lunch everyday. Right next to the Community Center is the Teen Center with plenty of activites to keep the teens busy. Right now they are having great success working on opening a Skatepark in Lindo Park

Also, for the children of Lakeside there is a BMX track, clay oval track, baseball, softball, football and soccer fields. Lakeside is proud of having one of the strongest 4H programs in the State of California.

We are an equestrian town full of farms, ranches, and dairies. We are host to the 2nd largest Western Parade with the most equestrians in California!

Our own Rodeo Stadium hosts a minimum of 2 sanctioned rodeos per year with numerous concerts and other happenings!

And if that isn’t enough we have our very own 5 star resort and casino with 5 star dining!

Lakeside History:

Lakeside has been around since the early 1800's. That is a lot of history. Lakeside's Historical Society has been researching and recording since 1972. Check out their website!

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