State Route 67 Dye Road/Highland Valley Road Improvement Project

Construction Update #10


Crews continue work to widen eastbound Highland Valley Road and Dye Road at the SR-67 intersection. Caltrans expects 15-20 minute delays on SR-67 through the intersection during peak travel times. Queues can extend three miles or longer requiring additional time when traveling in the area.

During this stage of the project, both directions of Highland Valley Road near the intersection have been reduced to one lane.

Drums, concrete K-rail and barricades have been placed to separate the construction zone from traffic and will remain in place until mid-March. The work area is not drivable and cannot be opened for traffic during off-work hours.

Caltrans Traffic Engineers are monitoring traffic signal operations at the intersection and have adjusted the signal timing to optimize Highland Valley Road turn movements. Loops for vehicle detection will be installed in the pavement to improve traffic signal operations as soon as the project work allows.  

Two lanes will remain open on westbound Dye Road with a dedicated left turn lane and a combined right turn/through lane. Motorists traveling either direction of SR-67 will be able to access a left turn, right turn, or through lane at the Dye Road/Highland Valley Road intersection.

Crews are scheduled to open two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane of Highland Valley Road in mid-March when work switches to the westbound-side.  Construction will be completed in summer with another year for plant establishment.

Most construction activities take place weekdays 7 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. with some night work between 7 p.m.-5 a.m.  Please be alert for highway workers and heavy equipment.

255 days ago
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