The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce is once again sponsoring the
Harry J. Spence ‘Citizen of the Year' Award. This annual award is given to a man or woman in the community who has been an outstanding contributor to the community. 
This award is a one-time honor.

The Chamber is looking for nominations of persons in the community of Lakeside that are worthy of this prestigious Award. Any service organization, citizens group or business may nominate a candidate or candidates

Nominations will be accepted through May 23, 2017, by mail or in person at the Chamber office.  The Award recipient will be honored at the Chamber’s Annual Installation of Officers and Citizen of the Year Award Ceremonies in July of 2017, and ride in the VIP Section of Lakeside’s Western Days Parade in April, 2018.

Various areas of effort and contribution may include:
   A.  Recognizable and ethical business practices such as:
                             1.  Furthering employer/employee relationships
                              2.  Employee training programs
                             3.  Promoting the business community in general
   B.  Contribution to the welfare of Lakeside through dedicated work with service projects               such as:
                             1.   Involvement in civic affairs
                              2.  Aide to youth groups
                              3.  Senior or adult groups
   C.  Any field of endeavor which contributed to a better way of life for all in the                                  community of Lakeside.

Nominees must be at least twenty-one years of age and reside in Lakeside or operate a business in the Lakeside Planning Area.  Directors of the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce shall not be eligible for nomination while they are sitting on the Board of Directors.

Nomination letters should be in resume format and postmarked no later than May 23, 2017 to be eligible for judging.  - Posthumous awards are possible. 
Resumes are to include the following:

   1.  Name, address, phone number of nominee
   2.  Years of residency or business operation in the Lakeside Planning Area
   3.  Activities or noteworthy community projects that have been accomplished
   4.  Any commendable personal accomplishments beneficial to the community
   5.  Organization name, address, phone number and contact person of nominating party

Nominees will be notified by June 10, 2017.

Thank you for being a part of this annual tradition.




1980    Harry J. Spence

 2001    William Markle

1981    A. L. Meyer 

2002     Frank Hilliker

1982    Mary Allison

2003     Lakeside  C.O.P.P.S.

1983    Gladys Temple

2004     East County Fire Relief Center

1984    Lex Boswell

2005     Harold Hilliker

1985    Leo Ward

2006     Reid Enniss

1986    Joe Fox

2007     Mike Perine

1987    Charlie Meier

2008     Abby Anders

1988    Dave Martin

2009     Don Bright

1989    Don Boden

2010     Elaine Brack

1990    Roy Cook

2011     Dr. Stephen Halfaker

1991    Carroll Ray 

2012     Bruce Robertson

1992    Don Hickle

2013     Bonnie LaChappa

1993    Ralph Anderson

2014    Venus Rodvold

1994    Jerry Lester   

2015    Jill Fleming 

1995    Edna Kouns


1996   Gelia Cook 


1997   Betty McMillen  


1999   Rick Smith


2000   Terry Leimbach


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